The Marvelus Production Company

One of our Custom CMS Websites for a PA and Stage Hire company based in Stirling.  

A bespoke web design, created to be in line with their corporate brand and print media.  


Don't know your CMS from your CSS, your SEO from your CEO?

CMS - Content Management System, a system for easily updating content on a website without needing to know about such things as HTML, CSS etc. A CMS allows you to add/change what kind of information is shown on the site with a few button clicks.

SMS - Short Message Service, more commonly referred to as text (txt) messages.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, the function of preparing websites and their content in such a way as to make the content easily referenced through search services such as Google and Yahoo.

Domain Name - The address you enter into the the address bar to access a website i.e. is our domain name.  You will need to have a domain name to allow people to access your site. Domain names need to be renewed normally every year although you can pay for several years up front. We can help you choose and register a suitable domain name for your website and manage annual renewals if required.

Web Hosting (hosting) - The computer space that your website files are located. Once your website is created you need to host the files on a server (computer) that is accessible to the internet. We can arrange this for you.

Template - a pre-prepared layout for a website. This can be bought from a company/website specialising in template design or can be custom built from your own design.

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Don't know your CMS from your CSS, your SEO from your...

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