The Marvelus Production Company

One of our Custom CMS Websites for a PA and Stage Hire company based in Stirling.  

A bespoke web design, created to be in line with their corporate brand and print media.  


Templates get a bad rep!

Over the years templates have managed to get themselves a bad reputation.  This is not without some justification, as over the years there have been very many bad templates made, and as a result all templates have been generally branded as BADBUT for those in the know, the understanding is, a good template is KING.

Templates are king!

Yes bad templates are bad, but well designed templates are king. Good templates ensure that your site looks fantastic throughout.  The advantage of a Titan Template used with Titans Advance CMS system means:

  • You have a unified corporate identity throughout your website
  • If you need to make some changes, they can be site wide instantly
  • New pages/article are quick and easy to create
  • You don't need to be a HTML guru to create new site content
  • You can deligate more tasks to more staff members

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Templates are King

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